Shared clipboard for Arch Linux as VMWare guest

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… aaaand I wanted to have a shared clipboard. It’s again all in the wiki, but again a bit distributed. So here we go.

First: Install open-vm-tools and gtkmm, then add some modules to system bootup

  • “sudo pacman -S open-vm-tools gtkmm
  • “sudo vim /etc/mkinitcpio.conf”
  • Under “MODULES=…” add the following: “vmxnet3 vmw_vmci vmw_pvscsi vmw_balloon” (You probably don’t need most of them, but this is the config which worked for me. I didn’t try to remove them one-by-one to see which ones are actually needed)
  • “sudo mkinitcpio -p linux”
  • reboot

Second, make sure “vmware-user-suid-wrapper” is stared on login:

  • echo vmware-user-suid-wrapper > ~/.xinitrc
  • Logout and log in (or reboot)