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LibreOffice tables

1 minute read #bugs #libreoffice

Filed my first LibreOffice bugs. And I must say: A free and open source word processor with an open doucment format is desperately needed, but one that actually works. LibreOffice is really … well, bad looking and playing catch-up with “the other”, and crashing really way too often for my taste.

And while working with a lot of tables (which is a pain in the ass with LO) I found three bugs. And on one bug even the LO team agrees that it’s a major one 🙂 .

To be honest, I think the autoformat was never really used by anyone, it’s that crappy.

Custom table autoformat ignores background colors under certain circumstances Font STYLES for Table Headers are not copied when defining auto table format Table Autoformat: Allow to select if “SUM” line is present for auto format