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InsufficientCapabilities on AWS

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New project. I can play around as much as I want, as long as on day X I am done.

Really frightening, and really cool.

Anyway, first operation: Create a bunch of S3 buckets and IAM roles to interface with them. Which is kinda not-so-easy.

Beacause when you create IAM capabilities with cloudformation, you get this error:

    "CapabilitiesReason": "The following resource(s) require capabilities: [AWS::IAM::AccessKey, AWS::IAM::User]",
    "Capabilities": [
    "Parameters": []

… which is a fancy way of saying “do this”:

# aws cloudformation create-stack \
    --template-url file://env.json
    --capabilities CAPABILITY_IAM

… which you don’t really find easily with google. Or everybody knows, but me. Gnaah.