CI / CD solutions

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Everyone wants free candy. Or a CI/CD solution, that …

  • auto-deploys container-based servcies
  • auto-updates (roll-forward, roll-back) those services on keypress and “triggers”
  • has one-click-deployment of services.

My definition of “service” here is “A set of containers working together in a certain way, automatically load balanced where needed”. Example: A n worker nodes, loadbalanced from a web endpoint, and a database container. All deployed at the same time. Including one-click-deployment of environments (“Oh, I’d like to test this revision again, let’s deploy it quickly”…). Note that this is mostly CD (continuous deployment), cause CI is being done for a while now with - mostly - Jenins and other tools.

What I have found so far that seems to satisfy those requirements:

And the service-only solutions without a tools tack which you can deploy locally:

This is kinda it. I would love to evaluateĀ  all those tools, but most of are not really AWS-deploy-friendly, and in the Shippable and Tectonic case they are paid full stack services without local (cloud-owned) deployment anyway. And most are in beta. But the scenery is becoming interesting …

I will try to post my findings here, as well as the final choice I made for my current client, along with the reasons.

And for now: Mesosphere and Rancher looks really cool. And I mean “looks” - the UI is just pleasing (which is the most important selection criteria, I know šŸ˜‰

Update 2015-12-10: Added Vamp, Kubernetes