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Coding fonts

1 minute read #fonts

This is a list of popular coding fonts. My personal favorites are marked in bold.

As for “why” … Consolas and Menlo are just super smooth. Right weight / height / spacing / proportions. You can “just work” with them and it’s never wrong. At the moment I think JetBrains Mono is just this tiny bit better, even if only for the ligatures.

Honorable mentions go to Iosevka, which is a bit strange, but very narrow so you can fit a lot in the available screen width.

The rest is not bad, I just keep circling back to one of the mentioned alternatives within minutes usually. Personal style might differ.

  • Consolas - Windows proprietary.
  • Menlo - Mac proprietary.
  • Jetbrains Mono - brew cask: font-jetbrains-mono
  • Fira Code - brew cask: font-fira-code
  • Hack - brew cask: font-hack
  • Monoid - brew cask: font-monoid
  • Iosevka - brew cask: font-iosevka
  • Inconsolata - brew cask: font-inconsolata (broken?!)
  • Source Code Pro - brew cask: font-source-code-pro