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Arch with dm-cryptt on UEFI boot

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Just a collection of links, cause this is something which is not really documented in full. I am also too lazy, but next time I don’t want to search 🙂 .

  • Basic installation instructions: 3rd party article (German), Arch Linux docs (without LUKS)
    • Read the comments on the first article: gummiboot is now bootctl, you have to format the boot partition with FAT32, and you should use a better random generator on cryptsetup. It’s all in there.
    • Note: The former /boot partition is identical to the UEFI boot partition. You don’t need both.
  • Arch Linux original instructions: In German, in English
    • Careful: The setting “FONT_MAP” in /etc/vconsole.conf in the German guide should not be applied! It’s obsolete.
    • The English guide does only go into the crypt installation, but that really deep.
  • If you actually added FONT_MAP to /etc/vconsole.conf, that happens
  • The file /vmlinuz-linux comes in the “kernel” package. If it’s missing, just reinstall “pacman -S kernel”
  • You can usually choose between NetworkManager and systemd-networkd as networking management solutions. I chose NetworkManager:
    • systemctl enable NetworkManager
    • systemctl start NetworkManager
    • systemctl disable systemd-networkd
    • systemctl disable systemd-resolved
  • Installing GNOME (and the login manager gdm) is pretty simple:
    • pacman -S gnome gnome-extras
    • systemctl enable gdm

That should be it.