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JIRA and Python

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I really came to hating JIRA with a passion. And now I have to create about 350 tickets.

Naturally I don’t do this by hand. But using the JIRA API is kind of … hard, there is a Python library, but usage is rather sparsely documented, and this whole thing is just annoying as hell.

Although when you did it, it’s quite simple. Here’s an example of how to create a ticket with due date and estimate set from a CSV file:

from pprint import pprint, pformat
from getpass import getpass

import jira

def do_shit():
    url = read("JIRA url:")
    username = read("JIRA username:")
    password = getpass("JIRA password:")
    jira_inst = jira.JIRA(url, basic_auth=(username, password))

    test = {
        "project":          {"key": "TEST"},
        "issuetype":        {"name": "Task"},

        "labels":           ["deleteme", "whatisthis"],

        "summary":          "woho",
        "description":      "wohooooo",
        "duedate":          "2017-11-11",

        "timetracking":    {"originalEstimate": "4d"},

    created = jira_inst.create_issues([test])

if __name__ == "__main__":

So simple.