Install flutter on MacOS

1 minute read

I blog so I don’t forget … this:

First, the non-CLI actions:

  • install XCode from the App Store
  • install Flutter plugin for Visual Studio Code (if you haven’t installed VS Code, do it now, you can also use “brew” for that)
  • download the latest Flutter SDK, unzip it, and move the unzipped flutter/ folder to $HOME/Dev/frameworks (or any other location you favor)
  • add $HOME/Dev/flutter/bin and $HOME/Dev/flutter/bin/.pub-cache/bin to your path

That’s about it for now. Then do some CLI magic:

brew tap dart-lang/dart
brew install dart android-studio android-sdk
sudo gem install cocoapods
pod setup
sudo xcode-select --switch /Applications/
sudo xcodebuild -runFirstLaunch
flutter doctor --android-licenses

After that some more UI stuff:

  • Start Android Studio. It will want to install a couple of things (Intel drivers pop up, weirdly)

And finally: A final flutter doctor will tell you if everything is all right.

The whole process will download about 10-12 GB of data.